Digital marketing plays a vital role in supporting communications objectives, making social media an integrated part of PR.

At PHM, we can use social media to:

  • Build on our clients’ existing online presence
  • Drive traffic to the client’s website
  • Build brand awareness
  • Improve the client’s organic ranking on Google
  • Track, monitor and engage in discussion, as well as to respond quickly and manage any negative feedback.

We believe social media requires a strategy as robust and goal-led as anything completed offline –  whether we’re supporting sales with Facebook advertising, engaging with your target community on Twitter or reaching your B2B client base on LinkedIn, we’ll consider your business objectives carefully, and recommend the best online platforms for the job.

Equally, we recognise that the lines have blurred when it comes to digital communications and as such, we’re ready to work closely with your marketing and sales partners to ensure the best possible delivery of your message online.

In addition to social media, we manage SEO and Google AdWords campaigns to support sales objectives. We also understand how important it is for the companies themselves to gain an understanding of the power and importance of social media, so we offer beginner workshops to help explain how it can be used alongside more traditional methods to further enhance sales and marketing efforts or evaluations on your current digital marketing strategy to ensure you’re making the most of all the available online marketing tools.

PHM closely monitors online activity and evaluates strategies on an ongoing basis to ensure each campaign is working effectively to meet your objectives.