Thoughtful, high-quality writing, with an unrivalled attention to detail, underpins everything we do.

Crucial to our success is the hands-on approach and quality control pursued by the main directors and senior staff of Property House, who attend all client meetings.

We have an excellent database of journalist contacts, which we keep in touch with on a regular basis to establish key themes and opportunities to promote our clients within the press. We also continually monitor the media for current affairs/news coverage that provides opportunities for commentary.

Many of the staff at Property House Marketing are ex journalists and therefore have an inside knowledge of what journalists and their editors want from a story. This gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to pitching or ‘selling in’ stories to journalists.

We make sure that we understand our clients’ business well so that we can effectively promote them and successfully protect their reputation in the face of a crisis. We are experienced at thinking outside the box and anticipating possible crisis points, so that we are ready to establish the best course of action for damage limitation.