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Our objective was to drive footfall from a new audience of potential local buyers to Berkeley’s Knights Quarter development in Winchester, to directly support the marketing of the newly-launched townhouses at Royal Terrace.


With the right target market in mind and an innate understanding of our longstanding client Berkeley’s brand ethos and identity, we built a campaign based on two brand collaboration events.

First, we partnered with a local business network coordinator in the area and with her support, we planned and executed an event, hosted at Knights Quarter, that brought together representatives from an array of local businesses and brands; the guest list was tailored to engage with brands that echoed Berkeley’s own values.

For the second event, we partnered with a local independent artist; we hosted an exclusive exhibition of her work in the new showhome, generating footfall from the artist’s own contacts – a new group of target buyers – as well as Berkeley’s own database. The event provided the artist with an exciting platform to showcase their work and a specially commissioned artwork was auctioned for charity, generating additional local goodwill.

Across both events, we were responsible for initial research, planning, budgets, liaison, booking suppliers, promotion and responses as well as facilitation on the day.

The success of the campaign means further events are being planned for later this year.


  • Impressive footfall: New, untapped audiences of local residents and businesses brought to the development
  • Events delivered on budget
  • Extremely positive brand awareness with a new audience of the right buyer demographic
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