Guildford Cathedral, Surrey



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Community consultation


Participants on first day


People voted online


media interest


Lead, plan and deliver a comprehensive public communications and consultation programme ahead of planning application submission for homes on the Cathedral’s land.


The effective engagement of the community was considered a key strategic objective.

  • We prioritised community involvement from the outset in collaboration with architects JTP, allowing the public to share their ideas and vision before any plans were designed.
  • We recognised the importance of a diverse range of community voices to shape proposals as they evolved. Our digital engagement campaign was as crucial as any face-to-face activity, even before the pandemic.
  • We drew on an extensive local network to reach as wide a group of community stakeholders as possible, from business leaders and council members through to Facebook group admins.
  • We were the contact for all public, community and media enquiries to ensure clarity of message, efficiency in response and a project that always spoke with one voice.


  • Over 100 people took part in our first community planning day alone
  • 2,139 people voted and shared their thoughts in our idea-generation Facebook campaign via
  • There was great interest in the project from all key media targets – including BBC Surrey and the Surrey Advertiser – and our media outreach programme meant that coverage was balanced, on target and on message.
  • Comprehensive and varied engagement programme which generated enormous awareness and drove a wide demographic to share their ideas, comments and concerns.
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