‘You won’t miss it when you give it’ *

#Missingtype is the latest campaign to take over twitter this week, trending worldwide in one morning, in order to raise awareness of giving blood. Companies have been dropping the letters; A B and O from their logos to encourage people to sign up because shockingly the number of blood donators in the UK has dropped enormously in recent years. As a result the NHS is currently hoping to recruit 204,000 new donors this year alone to meet with demand, according to blood.co.uk.

This cause is particularly close to our hearts here at Property House Marketing as we strongly support the ‘Smile from Hatti’ campaign originally started by our friend and colleague Hatti Sandall who tragically lost her life to cancer last year and knew all too well how important blood donations were.

Many people would not be alive today without the generosity of blood donors, and so Hatti started a “give blood” campaign in August 2014, to help save the lives of others. Her initial target was 100 people, which she impressively doubled! We would love to increase her target to 500+ people. Just remember: each blood donation can help as many as 3 people (and you get a free chocolate biscuit). If you decide to help with this cause, please take a photo of yourself with #igavebloodhats and post it on social media, preferably instagram if you have an account.

You can read more about Hatti’s story on her web page http://www.smilefromhatti.com/smile-for-hatti.html.

Help fill in the gaps and save lives by donating blood!


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