Three reasons why awards are a valuable addition to your marketing strategy…

Awards season is in full swing for the property industry, and for PHM and our clients. We’ve prepared over 1,316 award entries in our time, with 1 in 3 of them going on to win the top prize, but we’re aware that awards need to be about far more than a pat on the back. A tailored awards strategy is a valuable addition to a wider marketing plan – we’ve taken a look at why you should be entering your developments or projects for awards this year.

  1. Third party endorsement

A winning award entry, or even a commendation or shortlist position, can provide the same gravitas as a great piece of editorial – a recognised and respected endorsement of your product by a third party with no vested interest. The power of such an endorsement cannot be underestimated, it is the reason why media relations is such a key part of marketing strategies, showing your customers that people besides yourselves consider your product to be better than the competition.

  1. Industry recognition and awareness

Successful marketing isn’t just about the end buyer, and the same applies to an awards entry. Few of us work in isolation, especially in the property industry, and having the right contacts can make the difference between a good development and a great one. Winning an award, especially on a large-scale platform, shows your future partners why you are a step above the rest. What’s more, the networking opportunity at national competitions provides the chance to rub shoulders with your potential partners.

  1. Brand reinforcement

Of course, the most important component of an award entry is indisputably the development, home or project in question. However, as with all marketing channels, consistency of message and brand reinforcement is paramount. Your award is not just an award, but another tool in your kit with which to promote and market your product.

At PHM, we research, write and design award entries on behalf of our clients for property, building and business awards at a local, national and international level. We can prepare one-off entries or create a long-term strategy for multiple entries, targeting the right categories and competitions at the right time for your project. If awards are something you’d like to consider as part of your marketing strategy, or you are wondering whether your developments or projects are suitable, call the PHM team on 01483 561119 to find out how we can help.


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