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Alex Vinall

Social Media Manager

Recognising in 2006 that a new form of communication was emerging which could shape the future of traditional PR, Alex began studying and implementing how to influence ‘followers’ using social media. This quickly grew into managing clients’ business social media and advising in-house marketing departments on how to communicate online. Alex has worked with clients including LG, Siemens, Portsmouth Football Club, Lucozade and Red Bull to deliver a fully integrated PR & social media marketing strategy. My dream home: Right now, my home is just perfect for me and my family. My kitchen is designed with the upmost precision – completely baby proofed – even my 8 year-old struggles to get in to the snack cupboard without a chair and coat hanger. My garden is small enough that it requires little attention, other than space for a football and net, which is all you need with three boys.