Shared homeowner Alison Smith gets a buzz out of buying her first home at Network Living’s Electric House development in Willesden Green

Homeownership came like a bolt from the blue for Alison Smith (32) as she was not initially looking for a new home, however with her rent soon to increase by £100 per month, Alison decided to look for an alternative.

Similar to many, she pretty much gave up on the idea of owning her own property in London and was thrilled to discover the homes at Electric House were within her budget.

Alison bought at 35% share worth £160,300 in a one-bedroom apartment (full market value £458,000). She paid a 10% deposit – raised with some help from her parents – of just £16,030.

“I’m really very happy with my new apartment, as it is at least half as big again as my old home,” she adds. “I love the full height windows, too. My apartment faces south so I get a lot of sunshine.”

Due to the nature of her work, Alison has high standards when it comes to design, layout and specification. She was really impressed with the specification at Electric House.

“Network Living paid a lot of attention to the details and overall finish,” she explains. “For example, the windows are fitted properly and kitchen is very well laid out and equipped with high quality appliances. There were no snagging issues at all with the apartment.”

As Alison had lived in Willesden Green for about ten years, she was delighted that shared ownership allowed her to put down roots in an area she loves.

“I like the fact that there’s a real community feel here; the area has lots of personality and isn’t too trendy. I also love the fact that it’s so well connected – it’s really easy to get into and out of London. Willesden Green is close to Paddington and there are direct connections to Kings Cross.”

“Owning my own home has given me such a great sense of stability. I’m so happy I have somewhere to call my own.”

Just one, two-bedroom apartment at Electric House remains for sale. A 35% share of the two-bedroom apartment is £190,750 (full market value £545,000). For more information email or call 020 8459 0122.

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