Our client, Pelican Media launches industry-first voice control upgrade

Leading property marketing technology company, Pelican Media is preparing to launch the industry’s first voice control software across its range of marketing and sales apps, which enhances the homebuying experience for purchasers.

Pelican’s voice control upgrade will be applied across PelicanBASE, PelicanPRO and PelicanELITE. Sales consultants using these apps will be able to speak to the devices they use in the marketing suite, issuing instructions and making requests in order to, for example, bring up floorplans, CGIs and comparisons between properties instantly.

The voice control software will work across all available devices and the required information can appear on multiple screens as well as controlling the architectural model and lighting up the relevant properties.

Tony Nicol, managing director at Pelican Media, explains: “We’ve had virtual assistants on our smartphones for some time, and now with products like Amazon Echo, voice-activated technology is entering our homes. At Pelican, we keep at the forefront of changing consumer technologies, and believe that simplicity is the key to a great app. With this in mind, we believe that voice control is a natural upgrade for our existing marketing apps, creating a forward-thinking buying experience for purchasers.”

Pelican’s voice control upgrade will be available in the spring. This advancement in technology is the company’s newest innovation for 2017, which closely follows the launch of its latest app, PelicanGO. The technology has already been adopted by a number of developers and enables buyers to access regular construction updates for their property through push notifications as well as allowing them to view images, floor plans and dimensions of their new home on their smartphone.

For more information about Pelican Media and its bespoke marketing solutions, please call Fiona Willson on 0845 519 2711 or email fiona.willson@pelicanmedia.ltd.

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