Going digital: Where does PR fit?

By Lisa Flounders, Director, Property House Marketing


PR is often considered to be the traditional, print-based cousin of shiny, techy online marketing. While we as an industry continue to respect and believe in the power of the printed page, it is more crucial than ever that this perception is corrected. The communications industry is exploring how it can reach its socially-distant customers in new ways, for the immediate future at least, and PR can play a vital role in strengthening your digital marketing mix.


Most communications professionals believe that now is not necessarily the right time for a hard sales message and are taking care to remain sensitive, quite rightly, to the bigger picture and the uncertainty we’re all facing. PR is integral to the ‘softly softly’ approach, and that includes online.


So, are you engaging your audiences digitally? You might not want to advertise, but what are you doing to involve your brand in what matters to people now? How can you be of help to your communities during a challenging time?


This isn’t necessarily something you can measure in conversion rates, but your investment will pay off later. If you’d like to discuss how PR can play a part in your digital strategy, get in touch on 01483 561119.

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