Ecoled’s had a makeover

One of the newest editions to our growing client portfolio, Ecoled, has undergone a makeover to reflect the sophisticated and unique luminaires it offers – cutting edge in design, quality and finish.

Ecoled was one of the first luminaire companies in the UK to specialise in manufacturing LED lights, and our first lighting client. You can catch up on what they’ve been up to on our Ecoled blog page here but in this blog we’re more interested in showing you its future.

When the company was first formed, LED technology was in the early stages of development and was a new concept in the marketplace. Many consumers were not aware of its benefits, which is why the company established its brand name as Ecoled – to reflect the economic benefits of the product.

Today, the benefits go far beyond this and Ecoled’s range of discreet, original and highly-modular luminaires can be used to create a fantastic lighting effect in any environment.

The company soon realised that its branding needed to evolve with its success, reflecting the premium range of products and services it offers today. But the rebranding is not just cosmetic. The company has also invested heavily in its digital strategy and launched a new, highly intuitive website incorporating two unique features: a Light Builder and Project Builder tool, which are leading the way into the future of specifying architectural lights.

 Fancy having a go with the new tools? Head over to its new website:

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