#DrawingChangesLives –The Big Drawing and Talking competition!

The Big Draw Festival starts on 1st October, kick starting the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. Running until the end of the month, The Big Draw aims to get everyone drawing; a tool that is championed for learning, expression and invention and more importantly its ability changes lives – as demonstrated by our client, Drawing and Talking.

Drawing and Talking host training courses across the country teaching a safe early-intervention therapy method to use with children who have experienced trauma. Designed for teaching assistants (TAs), learning mentors, SENCOs, teachers or anyone who works with children, the one-day training course enables an empathetic adult to facilitate weekly sessions to individual pupils, during which they draw and talk. Typically, children who are referred for the 12-week programme will have experienced bereavement, bullying, their parent’s divorce, abuse or even unsettling things like moving house and starting a new school.

To date over 10,000 people have trained in Drawing and Talking, helping a total of 130,000 children across the UK.

To celebrate – and in line with The Big Draw’s campaign – Drawing and Talking is asking you share your #DrawingChangesLives story for a chance to win art supplies for your school, charity or organisation.


All you need to do is…

Like or follow Drawing and Talking on Facebook or Twitter and share a photo! Post your doodles, drawings or even inspirational quotes about drawing

Most importantly, you must tag Drawing and Talking in your post AND use the hashtag #DrawingChangesLives. You can find them using the social media handles below…


For more information about Drawing and Talking and upcoming course dates near you visit www.drawingandtalking.com

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