Challengers’ children visit CowParade’s Glorious Guildford

Children from local disability charity Challengers paid a visit to Guildford Castle on Saturday to meet beautiful bovine Glorious Guildford, a member of the Surrey Hills CowParade public art event.

The children and their families enjoyed the sights of the grounds and took photographs with the cow. Glorious Guildford is being sponsored by local PR and marketing firm Property House Marketing, with proceeds going to Challengers.

Challengers is an independent children’s charity based in Guildford, which for more than 30 years, has developed and delivered inclusive play and leisure for disabled children and young people across Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas. In 2015, Challengers dedicated 132,235 hours to 1,400 disabled children and young people. These services were delivered at Challengers Guildford and Farnham Centres as well as schemes based at schools and community youth centres all through the year.

Property House Marketing managing director, Nikki Ackerley, said: “CowParade is a great concept, it’s so much fun to see art around our towns and countryside. More importantly, the money raised by the beautiful Glorious Guildford will support an important local charity that needs as much support as possible.”

Nathalie Bellamy, whose son Sam (8) goes to Challengers, said: “Challengers is a lifeline for us, not just for Sam but for our abled-bodied children too. Being able to drop Sam off to play with friends and be looked after in such a safe, caring and stimulating environment enables me to spend time with my other son and daughter. It’s so important they have my time too.”

Amanda Matthews, Head of Finance at Challengers, said: “The children have really enjoyed meeting Glorious Guildford. The backing from local businesses like Property House Marketing, and from initiatives like CowParade, means that Challengers is able to offer services to more children across the county and beyond. Our work is reliant on the help of our community and we’re very grateful to anyone able to offer their support.”

Property House Marketing is also running a selfie competition for visitors to Glorious Guildford. The person who takes the best photo with the cow will win a meal for two at CAU Guildford, up to the value of £100. Entrants need to upload their selfies to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using #GloriousGuildford, before the end of the competition on 31st July.

Glorious Guildford will remain at the Guildford Castle Grounds until the end of August when the cows will be gathered for their final public appearance at the Surrey Hills Food, Drink & Music Festival at Coverwood Farm on 3 September, after which they will go to auction.

For more information about how to find all the CowParade cows around Surrey and the auction later this year, visit: and watch Glorious Guildford come to life in the time-lapse video:

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