As she celebrates a career in property spanning a quarter of a century, Property House Marketing founder Nikki Ackerley looks back at the last 25 years

This is an important year for me, with June marking 25 years since my very first property page was published in The Surrey Advertiser (and coincidentally, my son Tom’s first birthday). In that time, house prices have dropped and risen again, as prime ministers have come and gone and economies changed. I’ve seen and written about it all!

While my career in PR began in the 1980s with a Promotions Executive role at IPC Magazines, it was after a break when my sons were born that I began writing for the Woking News and Mail. In 1991, I was appointed property correspondent at The Surrey Advertiser, with my first page published on 13 June that year. In my 15 years at the paper, I covered property of all shapes, sizes, budgets and builds, and enjoyed visiting some of Surrey’s most beautiful homes. In that time I also saw new estate agents open, and sadly some old ones close.

My property PR career began just after a year into my tenure at The Surrey Advertiser, when I undertook some work for local estate agent Burns & Webber and for developer Michael Wilson Restorations, and Property House Marketing was founded.

Our own property history is as wide-ranging as the clients we collaborate with; our first office was a partitioned section of the children’s playroom at my house! As our client base grew, so did our need for space and staff (Louise, the company’s second employee, is still a member of the PHM team). In Guildford, we’ve been based on North Street and High Path Road, and we are now settled in Bury Fields having practised what we preached and bought our own office. In its previous life, this office was the library of the Guildford School of Acting, and with our hard hats on we’ve replaced bookshelves and ladders with a set of stairs, an extra floor and a kitchen.

A quarter of a century since that first article, we work with a wide portfolio of clients in the housing and building industries to build profile, promote brand and establish relationships with key audiences. We very much look forward to seeing what the next 25 years will bring.

To find out what Property House Marketing can do for you, please call 01483 561119.

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