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Searching for a better environment?

Graylingwell Park, an environmentally-conscious development set in 85 acres of beautiful parkland, featured in Metro Property this week in the round up [of] the best eco-friendly buys, in celebration for this year’s Earth Day. The theme of Earth Day 2016 is “Trees for the Earth”, which is something that Graylingwell Park can get behind – the Metro highlighted that the development of Graylingwell Park itself involved the planting of 1,428 trees, on top of the 622 trees already retained. With many celebrities recently pouring their millions into eco-friendly homes, we’d thought we’d remind you that thanks to Graylingwell Park, there are more cost-effective way to do your part for the environment!

Built from a partnership between Linden Homes, Affinity Sutton and the HCA, Graylingwell Park offers high quality, energy-efficient homes set in stunning landscaped surroundings. Every home integrates an array of green technologies, whether it’s photovoltaic roof panels, high levels of insulation or energy efficient appliances.

The water tower that houses the Energy Centre is a treasured local landmark and, like the striking neighbouring buildings, is packed with high-tech equipment including a combined heat and power plant which provides the heating and hot water to all the homes.

Graylingwell Park is not just about building high-quality eco-friendly homes and amenities; equally important is building a cohesive new community. The Chichester Community Development Trust, a charity comprising residents and stakeholders, provides a range of services to Graylingwell Park to encourage a green lifestyle.

Prices at Graylingwell Park start from £295,000, and a range of money-saving options are available, including Help to Buy. For more information call Linden Homes on 01243 781494, or Affinity Sutton on 0300 100 0303.

World Health Day has us thinking of places to stay happy and healthy

Thursday was World Health Day, an awareness day organised by the World Health Organisation to draw worldwide attention to global health, which has got us thinking about ways in which we can change our own lifestyle choices in order to stay as happy and healthy as possible.

For those of you who might have been doing the same (perhaps you are considering moving to a place that allows you to be more active or you are re-evaluating the way in which you work, and where you work, in order to improve your work/life balance) we thought we’d highlight two of our clients that promote and celebrate good health.

Graylingwell Park in Chichester, by Linden Homes, Affinity Sutton & HCA, is a great example of a development which offers a range of facilities and amenities to keep residents fit and healthy, such as:

  • 85 acres of beautiful parkland to explore – perfect for dog walking, jogging or playing sports
  • ‘The Lodge’ – an on-site cabin, which is host to regular yoga and dance classes
  • A communal grow garden where residents can grow organic fruit & vegetables
  • Dedicated cycle routes to key local areas to promote a healthier lifestyle.

On top of that, Graylingwell Park is one of the largest carbon-neutral developments in the UK, so it also ticks the box for those who also want to live in an environment that’s healthy too.

Graylingwell Park is just under a mile from the city centre and less than ten miles from the alluring South Coast. A diverse range of eco-friendly homes are priced from just £280,000 (available with Help to Buy). To arrange a visit to the show homes, contact Linden Homes on 01243 781494. For more information about buying a home through shared ownership, call Affinity Sutton on 0300 100 0303.

While it may be easy enough to stay healthy at home, staying healthy at work could prove to be a tad trickier.

Fetcham Park, a Grade II* Listed building of serviced offices, keeps employees happy and healthy, through an exciting range of services, such as:

  • Personal training sessions by The Health Quest
  • Yoga lessons by Yaur Yoga
  • Bespoke catering by Two Many Cooks, who will even make your dinner for you to take home
  • Health-conscious furniture, including height-adjustable desks and ergonomic desk chairs.

To find out the other perks of Fetcham Park, read our blog about employee motivation, or call Fetcham Park on 01372 371000.