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PHM secures Autumn Statement coverage for client in The Times

In light of the Autumn Statement and Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s pledge to provide more affordable housing, The Times ran an article on Friday 25 November explaining ways to get onto the first rung of the property ladder.

We were delighted to see journalist Annabelle Williams include the story of first-time buyer Aveen Kelly, who purchased a home through the Shared Ownership scheme with Thames Valley Housing.

Annabelle wrote: “With home prices so high, many first-time buyers find shared ownership schemes – where you co-own a property with a housing association – a helpful way of easing their way into property ownership.”

Aveen Kelly who works at Wandsworth Council was quoted for praising the scheme: “I’ve gone from renting in London to getting on to the property ladder to now being on the road to owning 100% of my home.

“It sounds like a cliché, but I have a brilliant quality of life. I’m so thankful for the scheme.”

To read the full article click here.

To find out more about Thames Valley Housing, and the Shared Ownership scheme it offers on a selection of homes across London and the South East please call 0208 607 0550 or visit:


Shared ownership success stories!

It’s Shared Ownership Week –an event organised to raise awareness of this great initiative, which helps thousands of people a year to get on the housing ladder. We thought we would take a look back at some of the happy residents that our housing association clients have homed recently.

Shared ownership enables buyers to purchase a share of a property – ranging from 25 to 75 per cent – and pay a discounted rent to the housing provider on the remainder. Just a five per cent deposit of the share purchased is required with buyers raising a mortgage for the rest. Over time, shared owners can buy more shares – a process known as staircasing – until they own 100 per cent of the property.

When Bunmi Odubanjo, 28 had to move back into her mums, she was determined to save money for a deposit on a new home through shared ownership. After searching on the internet Bunmi found exactly what she was looking for at Thames Valley Housing’s iconic development, The Serpentine, named for its elongated, curved shape. She was able to buy a 50% share in a two-bedroom apartment at The Serpentine worth £145,000 with a 5% deposit of £3,625.

Just over two years later, through sheer determination and a lot of sacrifices, she had saved up enough money to put down a deposit of £12,000 in order to secure a mortgage for the remaining 100%. Bunmi is now over the moon that the money she used to have to put away for the deposit, she is now able to spend time traveling again, which she hasn’t be able to do in years.

Thames Valley Housing offers shared ownership on a selection of schemes across London and the South East. For more information please visit:

Trapped in the familiar renter’s nightmare and having dismissed the possibility of being able to afford to buy in London, Peter Cumming (32) was delighted to find he could buy a two-bedroom apartment in desirable Islington in Zone 1 of the London travel network, thanks to Affinity Sutton’s shared ownership scheme. Peter purchased 25% of a two-bedroom apartment at The Lexicon – a stunning, 36-storey tower– paying just £181,250 (full market value £725,000), with a 10% deposit of £18,125.

“Shared ownership has given me stability and I now have a home I can call my own!” says Peter.

Prices at the Nine Elms development start from £113,750 for a 25% share (full market value £455,000). For more information contact 0300 100 0303 or take a look at the website:

Earlier this year Gurpritam Singh and Jasbir Kaur (both 37) were able to start their climb on the property ladder and have somewhere to call home for their two children through shared ownership at Lime Walk, Wembly. Using part of their savings of £40,000 to put down a 25% deposit, the family bought a 35% share (valued at £156,000) of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment at Lime Walk, a landmark scheme of 81 apartments by Network Homes. The apartment’s full market value was £445,714.

“Shared ownership has made the world of difference to our family,” says Gurpritam. “It’s such a relief to be in our own place; it’s brought stability to our lives. Now that we’ve decorated and made it our own, it really feels like home. We are very happy.”

All the homes at Lime Walk have now all sold. However, Network Homes has many homes for sale through shared ownership available, please visit or call 0300 373 3000 for more information.

Stunning sky garden the jewel in the crown for homeowner who swaps old for new at Park Heights, Stockwell

Matthew Lumb and Catherine Ross had been living together in Matthew’s Stockwell apartment for a number of years when they decided that it was time to buy their first home together.

So, the couple bought a two-bedroom apartment at Park Heights. Their apartment – purchased for £550,000 – is on the sixth floor and includes an en suite shower room to the master bedroom and a balcony.

“Buying this apartment makes practical sense in so many ways,” says Catherine, a copywriter for a large hotel chain. “I’ve now taken my first steps on the property ladder, and Matthew has upgraded to a smarter property and is now able to rent out his former apartment.”

Matthew’s previous apartment was in a block built over 70 years ago, so this time around he was drawn to the idea of moving into a newly built home.

“This apartment is much bigger and brighter than our old one as well as being much more economical to live in,” says Matthew, a freelance photographer. “We also don’t have to worry about repairs as everything is new.”

“It is very flash with all the latest mod cons – including touch screen ovens,” he continues. “Network has paid a lot of attention to detail and my apartment is finished to a really high standard.”

“We also love the fact that we are the first people to live in this apartment,” says Catherine.

The couple especially enjoy relaxing in the stunning residents’ sky garden on the 20th floor. “Since we moved in, we’ve been up there many times,” says Catherine. “It is tremendous – especially on a nice day or a warm evening when you can see for miles. It really is the cherry on the cake.”

Park Heights also has its own 24-hour concierge, which the couple find extremely useful. “The customer service is fantastic and it’s great to know that they will take care of deliveries,” says Matthew.

“Network Homes has obviously invested a lot in this regeneration and the area is really changing for the better as a result,” he adds. “Park Heights is a key part of that change: it is a very elegant building that’s totally transformed the look and feel of this part of Stockwell.”

A limited number of two-bedroom homes remain for sale at Park Heights, where prices now start at £675,000. For more information, contact selling agents Site Sales on 0344 809 2026.
Alternatively, visit:

Shared homeowner Alison Smith gets a buzz out of buying her first home at Network Living’s Electric House development in Willesden Green

Homeownership came like a bolt from the blue for Alison Smith (32) as she was not initially looking for a new home, however with her rent soon to increase by £100 per month, Alison decided to look for an alternative.

Similar to many, she pretty much gave up on the idea of owning her own property in London and was thrilled to discover the homes at Electric House were within her budget.

Alison bought at 35% share worth £160,300 in a one-bedroom apartment (full market value £458,000). She paid a 10% deposit – raised with some help from her parents – of just £16,030.

“I’m really very happy with my new apartment, as it is at least half as big again as my old home,” she adds. “I love the full height windows, too. My apartment faces south so I get a lot of sunshine.”

Due to the nature of her work, Alison has high standards when it comes to design, layout and specification. She was really impressed with the specification at Electric House.

“Network Living paid a lot of attention to the details and overall finish,” she explains. “For example, the windows are fitted properly and kitchen is very well laid out and equipped with high quality appliances. There were no snagging issues at all with the apartment.”

As Alison had lived in Willesden Green for about ten years, she was delighted that shared ownership allowed her to put down roots in an area she loves.

“I like the fact that there’s a real community feel here; the area has lots of personality and isn’t too trendy. I also love the fact that it’s so well connected – it’s really easy to get into and out of London. Willesden Green is close to Paddington and there are direct connections to Kings Cross.”

“Owning my own home has given me such a great sense of stability. I’m so happy I have somewhere to call my own.”

Just one, two-bedroom apartment at Electric House remains for sale. A 35% share of the two-bedroom apartment is £190,750 (full market value £545,000). For more information email or call 020 8459 0122.

These couples have been able to share Valentine’s Day together thanks to shared ownership!

PHM are feeling the love and want to show off some couples’ shared ownership successes – we hope you enjoy this trio of love stories as the perfect tonic to warm the cockles of your heart in what is proving to be a cold February.

Let’s check in on last year’s lovebirds – On Valentine’s Day last year, Olivia Tinker and Thomas Odlum went to visit a two-bedroom shared ownership apartment at Warehouse, a Network Living development in Streatham. They loved it so much that they put down a holding fee the same day. Brilliantly, Network Living lowered the minimum share from 50% to 40%, after reservations from Thomas’ mortgage company about his self-employment. Happy house-buying-anniversary Olivia and Thomas! Read our blog post about them here.

Stuart and Melanie Wynne were living in a two-bed property in Dee Park in Reading when baby Mia arrived. Naturally they moved into a bigger house… but on the same development! We are so happy that the Wynnes loved Dee Park so much that they chose to continue living there, raising their family! You can find out more details here.

Of course, love spans all ages. In her retirement, Christine Winch wanted to be able to live closer to her family, but not have to worry about a new mortgage. Christine and her partner Michael Frances were able to achieve this goal through shared ownership, paying £160,125 for a 75% share of a two-bedroom apartment at Russell Square, a Thames Valley Housing development.

Another “Wynne” for Property House Marketing!

Melanie and Stuart Wynne’s story featured in yesterday’s Metro, having bought at Dee Park in Reading – a development by one of clients, Prime Place. With a readership of around 2 million, we’re always so pleased to see our clients in the property section, and this week’s did not disappoint!

In the piece, “The Next Step”, journalist Andrea Dean described how Melanie and Stuart Wynne used a forerunner of Help to Buy, called First Buy, to buy a two-bedroom house at Dee Park in Reading. They loved living here so much that when baby Mia arrived they knew they needed to upsize but wanted to stay in Dee Park. By using Help to Buy again, they were able to afford a spacious three-bedroom townhouse for £320,000 at the same development.

It’s great that the Wynnes loved Dee Park so much that they wanted to stay – its testament to the homes’ quality and the development’s lovely community feel. “The new homes at Dee Park are modern, finished to a high quality and the layouts are well thought out” explains Stuart. In fact, he was so confident buying in Dee Park again that he was even happy to buy off-plan.

Dee Park, based in Reading, is just 26 minutes from London by train. The development includes a host of community amenities, sports and play areas, and retail facilities such as a convenience store.

For more information visit the website here, or call Prime Place on 0118 942 0292.

Self-employment no barrier to shared ownership for Olivia and Thomas thanks to the support of Network Living

On Valentine’s Day earlier this year, Olivia Tinker (24), a visual merchandiser for H&M, and Thomas Odlum (26), a self-employed plumber, went to visit a two-bedroom, shared ownership apartment at Network Living’s Warehouse development in Streatham. They loved it so much that they put down a holding fee the very same day.

It should have been an exciting start to a new life together for the couple. But initial feelings of excitement soon turned to despair when Thomas discovered that he would have to raise a larger deposit due to the fact that he was self-employed.

“We thought we were ready to move,” explains Thomas, “so it came as a real shock to find out that the mortgage company required us to put down a minimum 20% deposit purely because I am self-employed.”

Despite 4.5 million people choosing to work independently in the UK, mortgage lenders remain cautious about self-employment.

“Luckily for us, Network Living was really supportive,” says Thomas. “They held the apartment to give us time to meet with financial advisors. In the end, it also became apparent that, in addition to needing a larger deposit, the mortgage lenders were not going to give us a mortgage for the amount we needed either – so Network Living lowered the minimum share from 50% to 40% which, combined with some financial help from our parents, helped us overcome both hurdles.”

The couple’s determination and perseverance paid dividends and they moved into their new home in April.

Olivia and Thomas purchased a 40% share (£200,000) of the two-bedroom apartment worth £500,000 with a 20% deposit of £40,000.

“We’re so happy here,” says Olivia. “Our apartment has a balcony, which overlooks an internal courtyard, as well as a roof terrace with views towards The Shard and Wembley Stadium”

All the homes have now sold at Warehouse, but to view a selection of developments with homes for sale through shared ownership visit: