‘Glorious Guildford’ spotted in Surrey Advertiser

CowParade is one of the world’s most popular public art events, so when we ‘herd’ it was coming to Surrey, we jumped on board to take up the chance to sponsor a cow in support of one of our favourite charities – Challengers.

If you keep up to date with the local ‘moos’, you might have spotted Glorious Guildford in The Surrey Advertiser today. Alongside her is our managing director, Nikki Ackerley, Challengers chief executive, Laura Sercombe and the artist who painted our cow, Colette Clegg.

Glorious Guildford is the perfect name for our cow,” comments Nikki. “It encapsulates our design exactly. What’s made it even better is she incorporated not just our love of Guildford but also our love of Challengers.”

Glorious Guildford was one of fifteen cows to make their debut at the Surrey County Show on spring bank holiday (30th May) as part of the CowParade initiative.

Don’t worry if you missed the county show as the cows are to be mooved to various locations throughout Guildford – Glorious Guildford is lucky enough to spend her summer enjoying the beautifully landscaped gardens of the Guildford Castle Grounds, and hopefully acting as a point of conversation for the many tourists and local residents who enjoy spending time here. She’s on location now, so go and pay her a visit when you get the chance!

Glorious Guildford will remain at the Guildford Castle Grounds until the end of August when the cows will be gathered up for their final public appearance at the Surrey Hills Food, Drink & Music Festival at Coverwood Farm on September 3rd, after which they will go to auction.

We will continue to ‘milk it’ by documenting the journey of our cow, so make sure you stay tuned to our blogFacebook, and Twitter for more ‘udderly’ exciting updates!

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